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Art by Janet Davies  www.artjandavies.com Paintings of Seascapes and Harbours, Devon Cornwall Including Exmouth, Startcross.Brixham Teignmouth Sidmouth and funny whimsical art. View other pages  for more.

Scenes I have painted, of Devon and Cornwall and anywhere else that inspired me. Original art for sale, direct from the artist. Can't find the area you want? Email me with a request for a commision, attach a photo if you have one, or I will try to find one. Price will be the same as my other art as shown here. Pick a size, canvas or paper and framed or not. View the finnished art work before purchase.

#exe#estuary#starcross#Exmouth At #Sunset#painting#art

 Exe Estuary Looking to Exmouth from Starcross at dusk.Boats, colourful sky and reflections with mount not framed.Painting size 14" x 10" overall with mount 18" x 14" £60 if local, £65 if posted.

#EbbTide#seascape#art#painting#boats#sunset#sunrise#artgallerySW site.jpg

Ebb Tide, beached boats, beautiful sky in soft orange and blue, distant coast, A3, 16.5"x 11.5" + mount, and framed. £95

Sunrise Seascape.youtube painting art for sale demonstration, beautiful reflections in sea, wildflowers thrift foreground, rabbit

Sunrise Seascape

18" x 24" 1.5"deep, painted edges, canvas, Framing not needed. See this painting being created in stages on my Youtube video page. £195 including delivery.

Ready For A Boat Ride. harbour, boats dog cat homest gulls painted edges, framing not needed modern art style, seascape

Waiting For My Boat Ride  Amusing Harbour scene. A dog waiting for its servant (owner) to come and take the boat out. There is also a seagull and a cat. and a gull on a nest on the right hand side of the canvas. All edges are painted, framing not required.

12" x 16" 1.5" deep edge. £85 including delivery.

Purple Coast, seascape purple pink sea sky wildflowerscanvas hand painted original art impressionist

Purple Coast impressionist seascape

15.5 x 11.5" x 0.5" painted edge canvas. Purple, hint of pink in sky and sea, distant coast and wildflowers in pink and purple. £75 including delivery.

#Flowers On The #Coast#seascape#wildflowers#modern#contemporary#art

Flowers On The Coast, modern seascape with wildflowers, blue background, purple red pink white flowers Original on canvas 30" x 20" 1.5" deep. Painted edges, no framing required, unless you prefer to.. £215

OnThe#Dunes#Perranporth Janet Davies#seascape#painting

On The Dunes, Perranporth North Cornwall A popular tourist and surfer area 23.5" x 14 on canvas 0.5"deep. Seascape cliffs Grassy dunes with heather. £90 inc.post


Teignmouth Beach, moored boats, a view of Shaldon bridge, a couple walking the dog. Canvas board 24" x 18" £140  including brown frame ready to hang and delivery.

Purple Sea.seascape in purple, hint of pink trees waves semi abstract impressionist deep edge canvas painted sides

Purple Sea. seascape in purple and hint of pink, with trees. semi abstractart Original painting, on canvas 16" x 12" 1.5 " deep . Painted edges. £85 including delivery.

#Brixham#harbour#boats#art#paintings Mounted

Brixham Harbour.   colourful buildings rising up steep cliffs,harbour wall, reflections in the water, moored boats On paper+mount, not framed.14" x  12" £85

#Beautiful #Brixham#harbour#boats#buildings#reflections

Beautiful Brixham  original art £70 inc. post    12 x 10 " approx. on paper, not framed   Colourful houses, harbour wall boats, lovely reflections

#Orcombe #Point#exmouth#art#painting

Orcombe Point Exmouth Devon,colourful painting popular seaside holiday resort.  £85 Post  included

#Sidmouth #Sunset#art#paining#canvas#devon#sunset

Sidmouth Sunset Modern  Impressionist, colourful sunset seascape. Red cliffs of Devon, bright orange and blue sky, sea reflections, rocks,a couple gazing out to sea.30 x 20" 0.75" deep canvas £150

 including delivery.


Jurassic Coast From the cliffs at Exmouth, above Orcombe Point  A  World Heritage site.20" x 16" canvas

£95including delivery

#fishing At #Sunset#art#painting#orange#blue

Fishing At Sunset lovely sky, blue, orange,yellow. Reflections in sea, waves lapping beach. Distant fishermen.30" x "20" 1.5" deep canvas painted edges. Based on photo kind permission,https://christophermartinphotography.com/

£215 including delivery. .


Starcross Sunset Looking towards Exmouth.  Starcross in a village on the Exe estuary, near Dawlish,  Devon   acrylic painting   20" x 15.5" deep,painted, edge canvas  £105, Post included.

Purple Sunset.modern art pink and purple sky, trees lake reflections wildflowers modern art for sale semi abstract contemporary painting

Purple Sunset pinky purple sky lake and reflections, with trees and wildflowers.

24" x 18" 1.5" deep, painted edge canvas.Fine art quality acrylics. £95including delivery

Smeaton's Pier St.Ives Cornwall, whimsical painting.. 16" x 12" on paper, + a mount, not framed. £75 including delivery.      


   Cards, 7"x5" 

envelope, plastic wallet £3.20 inc.post.

TeignmouthBeachWalk looking to shaldon boats beach

Teignmouth Beach Walk original art on canvas board. Shaldon in the background, beached boats, people walking, a dog looking at a gull. Fine art quality acrylics.23" x 16.5"

£90 not framed. Can be framed on request, at extra charge.

St Ives. Cornwall peir beach boats holiday resort art for sale painting

St.Ives Cornwall painting on canvas

Smeatons Pier, beach side propertys,

moored boats. A lighthouse painted on the edge 24" x 18"x 1.5" deep, painted edges £95 including delivery

summer evening on the coast purple orange gray beautiful sunset seascape prints £50

Summer Evening On The Coast. Prints with mount A3 £50    A  colourful sky, wild flowers Imagine  standing there on a warm sunny evening, gazing out to sea.

Berty In The Bay quirky whimsical art

Berty Boat In The Bay 23" x 19" 0.5" deep canvas Painted edges. Whimsical quirky art harbour £75

Shells On THe Beach acrylic pour paintings sea beach seashells collaged onto canvas
Shells On THe Beach Collage painting with sea,beach and seashells. on canvas 19.5" x 15.5"  0.5"painted edges £70
Wildflowers On The Coast Poppies Daisies seascape by JanetDavies.

Wildflower Seascape poppies and Daisies and a distant seascape. On deep, painted edges, canvas. £95 inc. delivery. 24" x 18" 1.5" deep

Looking Out At The Coast

View framed by trees and wildflowrts,On deep painted edge canvas. Framing not needed 20" x 16" 1.5" edge. £90 including delivery. £75 if you live near enough to pick it up.

Sea Waves Goodbye Plastic Enviromental statement.

Sea Waves Goodbye Plastic

deep edge,painted, Canvas27.5" x 19.5"(70cmx50cm) framing not necessary £80 if picked up locally £95 if shipping. Contact me if near Exeter

Quirky Berty Boat lighthouse harbour painting

Quirky Berty Boat with harbour

walls lighthouse gull 19.5" x 15.5" on canvas board ready to frame £70 including delivery

Want a name adding on the boat? Message me, no extra charge.

The Sea At Dawn.purple seascape wildflowers

 Purple Coast  seascape, Beautiful sky and sea, soft distant land and wildflowers. 36" x 18" 1.5" deep painted edges on board, ready to hang.

£250 including delivery

sandy dunes original hand painted canvas

Sandy Dunes. Seascape with dunes and wildflowers  15.75" x 11.75"x 0.5" deep , painted, edge. £80 including Delivery

Lynmouth Harbour Devon cards available 7" x 4.5" with white envelope £2.75 each including post


Original painting sold

Hi Janet thankyou so much for doing that it looks great

polperro Harbour. Cornwall, moored boat, beautiful old buildings
Smeatons Pier, St Ives Cornwall.jpg

Polperro Cornwall

20" x 16" including mount . Not framed.

£90including delivery

Smeatons Pier St.Ives Cornwall

20" x 16" including mount, not framed.

£90 including delivery.

Colourful Chaos abstract Acrylic Pour painting 16" x 20" x 0.5 "

£75 including delivery

Dancing Waves abstractacrylic pour painting 16" x 20" 0.5" canvas £75 including delivery


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